FishFace Productions


‘Virtual’ Jobs and Assistance done for you.

‘Aerospace, Defence, Security, Technology, Intelligence, – Consulting, Research, Documentation, Presentations’


Helping you with your work projects.  Giving you the readers an insight of what ‘subject sectors we work in for our clients’.

Since 1989* ‘FishFace Productions’  started up in Europe, working alongside the aerospace and defence sector, as well as many other things within technic, multimedia and the arts. Then to the Middle East doing Civilian Defence Contracting work alongside the Military.

In this time I see that there are other ‘FishFace Productions’ have popped up online during this time, all respect to you. A small business then is not what it is today is it. So into the Cyber world, keeping up with today’s times.

Supporting and assisting our services towards the interesting projects out there.

Swimming up from the depths again third time round, ‘FishFace Productions’ is starting up from the USA this time, and will be relocating back to Europe soon. 

Clients range from within the Defence and Aerospace sector, to Cartoonists and Gardeners, frugal topics of interest, start-ups to the quirky new tech out there. All things to do with flight, creative ideas to growing vegetables, carnivore plants, animals and recycling stuff for other uses. 

Presentations for your meetings and conferences, to mini movies, and researching things for you. Log and Record Data input, to creative ideas like making models for static displays.

So if you require some help and want to know what ‘FishFace Productions’ can help you with, or interested in some of the items on here, or wish to contact us, –



Drop a line to ‘FishFace Productions’ on the contact page.











We know too well how difficult it is getting ones project(s) off the ground.

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